CIB Trick List

We here at Chicks in Bowls feel it is important to name these tricks correctly. Most quad ramp tricks are named after their skateboarding equivalent as these were all invented together alongside skateboarders in the 70’s.

As the next generation of quad skaters it is our responsibility to stick to traditions and name our tricks correctly.

We will continue to update this list as our sport progresses. On this note, our post is intended as an open forum to discuss the correct names so if you have any further information to give us please do so freely. You can do this by commenting below or emailing us at

And for extra points check out our blog on Terminology so you can talk the talk and correctly name the obstacles used for your tricks too!


Natural – Left foot dominant and skate left side forward.
Goofey – Right foot dominant and skate right side forward.
Prone – Forward facing stance.
Sidestance – Sideway’s facing stance with your skates heel to heel. Also known as ‘Crab’ and ‘Mohawk’.
Fakie – Skating backwards.
Switch – Skating in your opposite stance e.g. If you normally skate left natural you would switch to goofey.


Drop in – To step/roll into a ramp from the top. This can also be performed fakie. Types of drop in include rolling in, jumping in, stepping in, pivoting in, sit ins, fakie and more.
Pump – To use your momentum and the transition to generate speed.
Pivot turn – To turn on a transition 180° with your feet on the ground.
Jump turn – To turn 180° by lifting your feet and jumping to turn.
Carve turn – To turn on a transition with power, a low centre of gravity. Performing long swooping turns. Frontside and backside carves are determined by your leading leg and the direction of the turn  


Frontside – To turn with your front towards the coping. e.g. Right leg leading and turning right.
Backside – To turn with your back towards the coping. e.g. Right leg leading and turning left.
180° – To turn 180° a half rotation.
360° – To turn 360° a full rotation.
540°, 720°, 900°, 1080°… – Same as above. All rotations can be done as ariel maneuvers and with grabs.
Alley Oop – Is to turn/carve in one direction but to rotate in the opposite direction e.g. turning left and rotating right.
Late Spin – Commonly done as an air. To start your rotation late, after the apex of your momentum.
Bert (Bertlemann) – A hand plant pivot turn or slide.


Plate Stall – To land both feet on the coping on the arches of your feet.
Backside Stall – To jump 180° with your back to the coping and land in a plate stall.
Frontside Stall – To jump 180° opposite to backside and land in a plate stall.
Axle Stall – To stall on the metal trucks between your wheels.
180° Out – Is to jump 180° frontside/backside out of your stall.
Revert – To revert you have to rotate into your stall and jump revert back out the same way e.g. to 180° left and revert out by 180° right.
Fakie stall – To skate up the transition fakie and into a plate stall.
Half Cab Stall – To skate up the transition fakie and jump 180° into a plate stall.
Rock to Fakie – To stall your back skate on the coping or transition and reach your front skate out to tap on the top deck, and then re-enter fakie.
Rock n’ Roll – To stall your back skate on the coping or transition and reach your front skate out to tap on the top deck, and 180° to re-enter.
Tabernacle Stall – A plate stall where one foot points forwards and the other backwards.
Stapel Gun – Rolling your front foot onto the deck and hooking your back leg onto the coping, then using it to pull you back inside the transition.
Unity Stall – A plate stall where you land on the coping your legs crossed.
UFO Stall – A plate stall where you roll your ankles in and stall on the inside edge of your boot.
Box Stall – One skate stalls on the axel and the other is a plate stall e.g. if you play roller derby think of a T-stop.
Toe-Stop Stall – Can be performed on the transition, coping or deck.
Blunt – A Toe-Stop stall performed fakie or 180 and only on the coping e.g. you will always be facing into the transition.
Boneless – A Toe-Stop plant on the top deck. Traditionally done as part of an air, the plant should continue your momentum back into the transition. Optional to grab other leg.
Kick Up/Can-Can – One foot stall and the other leg is kicked high into the air.
Flamingo – One foot is lifted and tucked up. Commonly grabbed by the same arm e.g. the left arm holds the left leg.
Marilyn – One foot is lifted and grabbed by the opposite arm e.g. the left arm holds the right leg (behind your body).
5-0 – One foot axel stall.


Slide – To slide horizontally along the coping or a rail on sliders between your trucks.
Frontside – To rotate 180° frontside into your slide. Also known as a Frontside Disaster Slide.
Backside – To rotate 180° backside into your slide. Also known as a Backside Disaster Slide.
Fakie – To enter your slide from a backwards/fakie position.
Switch –  To slide with your weak foot forward.
Alley Oop – To enter from one direction and rotate 270° in the opposite direction into your slide. Also known as a Lip Slide.
One Foot – Multiple variations but any slide that is completed on one foot.
Cess Slide – A wheel drifting slide performed inside the transition. At the top of your momentum weight is lifted off to start a slide, as the momentum returns pivot back straight and roll it out.
Feeble Slide – Back skate sliding on coping, front skate rolling on top deck.
Seducer –To land with your legs together and slide them apart. Popularized by Disco.
Grind – The act of grinding on coping or a rail on the metal trucks between your wheels.
Slasher Grind – A carve turn where one skate grinds along the coping.
50-50 – Both skates grinding.
Mohawk 50-50 – Both skates grinding heel to heel.
5-0 – Just the back skate grinding.
Front foot 5-0 – Just the front skate grinding.
Feeble Grind – Back skate grinding on the coping, front skate rolling on the top deck.
Layback Grind – Frontside grind and your back hand grabs the coping pushing your grind right out.
Box Grind – Front foot grinding, back foot sliding.
Reverse Box Grind – Front foot sliding, back foot grinding.
*Most slides and grinds can be done frontside/backside/switch and fakie


Frontside Air – A jump above the coping turning frontside.
Backside Air – A jump above the coping turning backside.
Half Cab Air – Fakie 180° to fakie.
Air to Fakie – An air with no rotation landed backwards.
Fakie Air – An air leaving backwards and landing forwards.
Indy Grab – Back hand grabbing toes.
Mute Grab – Front hand grabbing toes.
Method Grab – Backside air grabbing your heels, straightening your hips and pulling your skates up behind your back.
Melancholy/Melon Grab – Front hand grabbing heels.
Stalefish Grab – Back hand grabbing heels.
Roast Beef Grab – Back hand between legs grabbing heels.
Crail Grab – Back hand front foot.
Seat Belt Grab – Front hand back foot.
Grosman Grab – Front hand between legs grabbing heels.
Stiffy – Indy grab where you stretch your legs out in front of you.
Cannonball – A backside air where your tuck and grab both skates.
Zen Air – An air to fakie where you cross your legs in a Zen position. Created by Desi Jones,
Lien Air – A frontside air grabbing your heels with your front hand.
Judo Air – Backside air grabbing your back skate heel and kicking your front foot forward.
Japan Air – Essentially a Mute grab where you pull your skates up behind your back knees pointing down.
Christ Air – An air where at the top of your momentum you stretch out into a crucifix shape before tucking back up to land.
Slob Air – Frontside tweaked Mute pulling your feet up to your hip.
Gay Twist – Fakie 360° Mute grab
Pogo – Air straight up and landing to stall.
Body Jar – An air that is landed to one foot stall momentarily before re-entry.
Caballerial/Full Cab – A fakie 360° air.
McTwist – An inverted backside 540°. Usually grabbed Mute.
Rodeo Flip – An inverted frontside 540°.
Forward Flip – A full jumping rotation forwards on a lateral axis.
Back Flip – A full jumping rotation backwards on a lateral axis.
Madonna – A lien air with your back leg stretched down landed to Body Jar.
Airwalk – Air where you kick your front foot forward and your back foot back.


Ho-Ho / Handstand – An invert where both hands are on the coping like a handstand.
Pancake / Flapjack- Rolling in fakie, rotating 180° to your hands and rotating another 180° to your feet. Done inside the transition.
Egg Plant – An invert with your front hand on the coping and back hand grabs Indy.
Tuck Knee Invert – An invert grabbed like a Japan air and tweaked severely.
Sad Plant – An invert where you fully extend your front leg.
Layback Air – An invert like trick done frontside while grabbing Slob with your back hand on the coping.
Everybody – A fakie invert with your legs fully extended.
Good Buddy – A fakie invert not fully extended.
Under Plant –  A layback air grabbing your heels with your front hand.
Miller Flip – A handplant in which you flip all the way to fakie. Your hand can be on the coping or in the transition.
Fall Guy – A frontside invert to fakie.
Phillips 66 – A reverse Miller Flip. Approach the lip fakie, back hand on the coping, flip your body in a front flip motion and roll out forwards.
The Duke – A frontside 540° layback invented by Duke Rennie.

Cover photo by Terry Caccia.