Since launching CIB in 2014, our mission has been simple:
To inspire people from all backgrounds to put some skates on and try something new. We seek to support and encourage those starting out and push those skaters who want to reach their next level.

We have hope that the next generation of kids are inspired to hit the skatepark.
We have a dream that you can show up at any skate park in the world and find people from all over shredding side by side.
We have a goal to see the sport of quad-skating showcased with other extreme sports.

Since we developed CIB Chapters we have seen the growth of the community element in park skating. We have been inspired by incredible people such as our own Chapter managers, skate team and wider skate community. People who are driven, passionate, and focused on growing the sport in their communities. They go above and beyond the call of duty by hosting meet-ups, preparing food, nurturing the beginners and cheering on those with more experience. They motivate skaters to creep outside of their comfort zones, look like a fool, and try something new in a safe supportive environment.

It is this sense of community that has shown us CIB Chapter meetups with between 5 and 50 local skaters all over the world! Each session is unique and includes skaters of all levels and backgrounds. Skaters come from derby or artistic backgrounds and some have barely even rolled before but inspired by posts they’ve seen or people they have met they attend a meetup and give park skating a try.

Recently we’ve had some encounters that sadden us. There are a select few people who want to hold back the sport and make it exclusive. They envision an elitist sport in which only those they deem worthy can participate in. They are turned off by learners and see this as park clutter. It is this sense of entitlement that is disappointing. Even the best in this sport had to start somewhere.

We believe that everyone who wants to try is worthy,
because we know it takes guts just to show up that first time.

We were all learners once, we all had a moment of inspiration when we were introduced to this sport and something inside us ignited and we knew we had to give it a go. I was inspired by Michelle Hayes (Cutthroat). I had always been intrigued by skateparks but I didn’t skateboard or ride BMX, but I knew how to roller-skate, and when Hayes showed me that I could drop in, stall, and air, I was hooked and I knew there would be skaters out there who felt the same.

I wanted to do this sport and I wanted others to know they could too. That was why Chicks in Bowls came to be. To make sure everyone felt like they deserved a chance to skate and learn and could find other people who felt the same way.

Chicks in Bowls is for everyone, we want young and old, men and women, and YOU, skating on quad-skates. We want to see you test out your skills on ramps, the street, and of course in bowls. We currently have over 200 Chapters, and there are other crews pushing it that we applaud such as the Moxi Skate Team, Dying Breed, Bowl Babies, Bad Union Skate, Roller Girl Gang, Las Gatas Vatas, Roller GoerlsDownhill Málaga and Roller Skate Argentina just to name a few. We are so grateful to anyone and everyone who is promoting and pushing for the betterment of this sport.

At the end of the day, I hope we have the same goal, a united goal to legitimize this sport and create equal opportunities and safe environments for everyone to shred.

Sincerest regards
Lady Trample
Founder, Chicks in Bowls