A huge part of our mission through CIB is to create products that enhance the skatepark experience. Below are the three game-changing products designed by skaters, for skaters, that will change the way that you roller skate in skateparks.

Ready, set, soar!

Don't be held back by your wheel choice

The first change to any set of quads should be a new set of wheels!
You want hard and small for maximum speed in minimal time.
We have a range of three wheels designed specifically to get the most out of your roll.

Game changers!

Slide into the future of roller skating

The next addition to any set of park skates should be a set of Sliders. Designed to open the game to tricks like slides, our unique design enables ease of drop in, stable stalls and then allows you to use your momentum to slide with ease along coping and rails.
A must have for any avid park skater.

Get Grinding

Step up your skating

The final upgrade for any serious shredder should be a set of wide trucks.
We’ve tried and tested the custom, D.I.Y. options on the market, but nothing compares to a product designed specifically for your quads. Take to the coping and see the sparks fly.