DIY Plate Kit


DIY Plate Kit


Is DIY in your DNA but you don’t have the time or know how to put together a new set up from scratch? We have a solution that will save you time, labour and money! Treat yourself to a DIY Plate Kit… pre-drilled, trimmed and pimped out with all the fixings, ready to be mounted to a boot of your choosing!

We use only the best products and hardware on the market and give you all you need to get rolling.

Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium: 10-degree double action plate is built to last. A sleek hollow design to give skaters performance and durability without sacrificing weight.
CIB Grind Trucks: 3-inches wide for enhanced stability and designed to enable you to grind coping and rails to your hearts desire.
Modified Kingpins: We’ve taken the hard work out of the installation by trimming and rethreading your Kingpins ensuring your trucks are ready to grind!
RollerBones Bushings: Utilizing the best bushings on the market, we’ve hooked you up with our personal faves! They’ll have you carving up a storm.
CIB Pro Sliders: Our second generation Pro Sliders are ready to glide across coping with ease. The holes are pre-drilled for easy mounting.
Upgraded Toe-stops: We’ve swapped out the standard toe-stops for the RX stoppers which will stand the test of time against the elements of the skateparks you’ll soon be tearing up.

All that’s left for you to do is choose a boot and mount it!
For some great tips on making your own Custom Rollerskate build check out our blog here.

Choose your kit size:

Our measurements are a basic guideline based on our building experience. We recommend you choose a plate size as close to the length of the boot/shoe you are using. They vary make to make, model to model.

Kits are made to order. These can take up to 3 weeks depending on the availability of stock and our busy schedule. If you have any questions re the timeline then feel free to get in touch at

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