Breast Cancer Fundraiser Patch

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Patch


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SALE! For the last few days of October we’ll be marking these patches down. We’ll still be donating $5 per patch so jump on it and show your support 💕

As a part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re excited to bring you a limited edition fundraiser patch!
We plan to raise over $1000 by donating $5 (50% of the profit) from each patch sold directly to Breast Cancer Cure, a foundation which has over 15 years of significant research projects in NZ. For more information on Breast Cancer or to donate go to

For more information on how to check yourself follow this incredibly informative facebook page, sign up for their monthly newsletter for reminders to check your breasts.

Check yourself, and check your girlfriends. Remind your family, friends and loved ones to check their breasts for any lumps or abnormality. A wise woman once said “A  on your Facebook wall isn’t going to remind people to check themselves. But you can! Remind two people today that early detection is the best prevention”


Note: These are a limited edition run. All ‘Check Urself’ patches will be dispatched separately to other CIB products. 

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