Name: Nikita Elaine
Position: CIB Skate Team
Chapter: Chicks in Bowls Adelaide
Gifted to earth: 2001 | Shredding since: 2009

  • Bio

    Roller derby introduced me to skating. Ramps brought me to love it. Along the way, met some of the most awesome people out there. 8 yrs later still skating strong! “Skate, Sleep, Repeat”.

  • Set-up

    Stomp Factor 1 boots (black). Stiffened in all the right places for acceleration and lateral movement. SG Rock plate (purple). CIB Grind Trucks. Beautiful. Do the job perfectly. CIB Universal Sliders with a Discotech platform. The combination makes the impossible possible. Wheels: Swap between 101A 63 mm SG Royals or 101A CiB wheels depending on the surface. Royals have a high top speed (big ramps) whilst CiB wheels have faster acceleration (quarter pipes or smaller). Long lasting bones bearings.

  • Protection

    Knee and elbow pads are Destroyer Pros because durable and purple and blue. Particularly the purple and blue. Also, wasp tans rock. But might go a smaller, lighter, better articulated knee pad next time but tears will be shed if they are no good for double knee slides from the top of big half pipes. Wrist guards are Triple 8 Hired Hands. Have saved from many, many an injury.Helmet is Triple 8 Brainsaver. And it has.