Name: Nick Agnew
Position: CIB Co-Founder | CIB Skate Team
Chapter: Chicks in Bowls Auckland

  • Bio

    I got my first skateboard at age 6 and started surfing at 12, and life for the better part was an addiction to those two things. I found rollerskating and custom rollerskate building in my late 20’s and have never looked back. Refuelling my fire and a love for life on wheels, rollerskating kicks ass. What I love about rollerskating: There is nothing else like it. Rollerskating has aspects of skateboarding, surfing and rollerblading and I feel it offers the best of all worlds. I love the feeling of freedom, no boundaries, no judgement. It’s just me, my skates and the thrill of possibility. The community, friends, skaters, chapters. It’s so awesome and inspiring to see so many people come together to encourage, support and enjoy this thing we call rollerskating.

  • Inspiration

    My inspirations come from 3 generations of rippers. Skateboarding gave me Jay Adams and Shogo Kubo for pure style and attitude. Then Mark Gonzales and Mike Valley for innovation and determination, and finally Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds and Tom Penny for going big and truly showing what is possible on wheels. Rollerskating gave me Duke Rennie and Fred Bloods. Duke’s style and Fred’s innovation. Then came Brian Wainwright, René Hulgreen and Olaf Hennig. Brian kills it with power and technique and I love René and Olaf’s style skating parallel, so boss. Most of all my biggest inspiration is the CIB Skate Team. These skaters are pushing the boundaries for a new generation of rollerskaters and it’s just so damn exciting.

  • Set-up

    Custom CIB Van’s skates, nothing else compares. Customized Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium Plate, super strong and light with Bones bushings and bearings, the perfect compliment to our Trucks and Wheels. Gen II Pro Sliders, CIB Grind Trucks and Street Wheels are my choice for everyday riding.