Name: Samara Pepperell | Lady Trample
Position: CIB Founder & CEO | CIB Skate Team Manager
Local Chapter: Chicks in Bowls Melbourne
Gifted to earth: 1991 | Shredding since: 2012

  • Bio

    I learnt to rollerskate when I discovered Roller derby back in 2011. The moment I laced up I knew it was true love. I spent the next few months learning how to skate, stop and spin. It was at the end of my first bouting season that I was introduced to ramp skating and thats when my addiction was really cemented. Over the last 4 years I’ve skated around the world and learned a million different ways to express my love of a life on wheels.

  • Set-up

    Over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of set ups. At the moment I swap between a custom set of Antik AR-1’s and a variety of random vans. The choice of boot depends on mood and how hard I’m going. When I really push my skating I look for the support of a strong leather boot which is why I choose my Antiks a majority of the time. Both sets are mounted to Sure-Grip Avanti plates with CIB Pro Gen II Sliders, CIB Grind Trucks and I swap between Park and Ramp wheels

  • Protection

    S1 Lifer helmet. The best fitting helmet I have ever owned, and I like that it matches my burgundy Invert tee! S1 Pads, I love the look, and they exceed my expectation for comfort. A variety of wrist guards, mostly 187 or Smiths, I don’t use them as much as I should as I find them limiting for ho-ho’s and handplant variations but they have saved my wrists on many occasions.

  • Interviews and Media
  • Awards and Achievements

    Wintour USA / Wintourope 2016/2017
    The 2015 CIB USA Tour
    Team New Zealand (2014 Roller Derby World Cup)
    AMP Scholarship Finalist
    Blood & Thunder Rumbling Thunder 2015

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