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Name: Hayley Havoc
Position: CIB Skate Team | CIB San Diego Admin
Chapter: Chicks in Bowls San Diego
Gifted to earth: 1993 | Shredding since: 2015

  • Bio

    In February 2015 I halfway overnight decided to take my skating into parks. Without much direction, I loittered around skate spots in San Diego, CA. After waiting in my car until dusk for everyone to leave, I’d set up a flashlight to illuminate the coping, enough for me to see…then I’d attempt to stall or pump the transition. I was always at a skatepark and when I wasn’t, I was watching videos of someone else skating a park. Sometimes I get lost in the endless realm of creativity that lives in roller skating and I believe in an uncharted power that waits for everyone within this sport. I’ve found my niche and I love seeking out other women who need this in their lives and just don’t know it yet. I’ll skate until you kick me out, until I can’t see, or until I can’t walk. It’s the blood, my fear, my weakness, and I’m thrilled to see where it goes.

  • Set-up

    Watch this space

  • Protection

    Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet—Full padding is 187 Killer Pads with Triple Eight Knee Gaskets—This combination has yet to fail, securing me for all the concrete mopping I do.

  • Interviews and Media

    Rag House Radio – Regular feature

  • Other Sponsors

    187 Killer Pads
    Swamis Cafe 101 in Encinitas, CA

Photo Credit: SoulCaptor and Tristan King