Name: Gloria Zef
Position: CIB Skate Team | CIB So Cal Founder
Chapter: Chicks in Bowls So Cal
Gifted to earth: 1988 | Shredding since: 2014

  • Bio

    I skated a lot as a kid so roller derby was an easy fit for me. My roller derby idol Cannon Doll X inspired me to start playing derby back in 2006. I played roller derby on and off for about 6 1/2 years before I retired from derby. Then in 2014 an amazing skater named Ricardo Lino taught me how to drop in at the Venice Beach skate park and I fell in love with ramp skating. The rest is history!

  • Set-up

    Sure-Grip Phoenix boot: No break in issues AT ALL! Super comfortable fit! Durable exterior, especially the toe-box. Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium plate: Light weight but extremely sturdy. Easy to mount on boots. Qube Bearings: Fast spin, easy to maintain and lasts long. Trucks, sliders and wheels all from CIB because I personally tested these products to ensure their quality and durability. CIB Sliders makes it easier to stall, drop in and of course slide. CIB Grind Trucks are wider than average roller skate trucks in order to be able to grind on coping but also to have a wider foundation on your skating stance. The CIB wheels are a basic necessity for my skate park set up. The roundness of the wheel allows you to ride the edge longer while carving and the hardness of the wheel makes for smooth and easy agility.

  • Other Sponsors

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