Name: Fink
Position: CIB Skate Team | CIB Melbourne Admin
Chapter: Chicks in Bowls Melbourne
Gifted to earth: 1987 | Shredding since: 2009

  • Bio

    Skating is my freedom; it’s creativity moulded together with adrenaline and that’s what makes me so passionate about it. Whether it’s seeing how far I can slide on coping, how high or long I can soar above the ground or just carving around a bowl, there’s nothing that compares. I’ve been rollerskating since March 2009 and it’s taken me all over the world and introduced me to so many amazing and like-minded people. I love coaching all levels of skating too, whether it’s learn-to-skate basics or something advanced like an invert, knowing that someone else can get that same sense of enjoyment and fulfilment really excites me. Yeah it’s hurt me, it’s ripped my flesh, broken my bones and destroyed my joints, but nothing stands in the way of passion. I’ll shred till I’m dead.
    “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t—you’re right” – Henry Ford

  • Set-up

    Sure-Grip Phoenix boots, RX toe stops and Avanti plates, Bones cushions, Qube ceramic bearings, CIB sliders, ramp wheels and grind trucks.

  • Highlights

    Top 6 in the amateur division Breaking Trucks, Malaga, Spain 2014 / Competed in MOSS Jam Open 2015 and 2016 at Noble Park, Melbourne / 3rd Place in Friday 13th Ditch Jam 2015 and 2nd place in November 2016 Ditch Jam hosted by Melbourne Longboard Skaters

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