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Our entire motivation is to encourage and inspire skaters of all identities to hit the streets and skateparks on their quad roller skates. The CIB Chapters are community run pages that encourage and inspire local skaters to take it to the parks with their quad roller skates. The Chapters work to host local meet-ups, events, share tips, blogs, videos of successes, bails, learnings and more.

You don’t have to be an established park skater, the Chapters are safe learning environments that allow skaters to get together and share the experience of park skating. Through the CIB Chapters, we introduce you to a much larger crew of skaters and a community that can give tips and tricks to help you grow.

There are over 250 international Chapters helping Chicks in Bowls in our quest for world domination.
We also have an international Kids in Bowls Chapter, the best place to post videos and pictures of kids out shredding!
Reach out to your local Chicks in Bowls Chapter today!

If you live in a region where you’d like to set up your own CIB Chapter, or you wish to join as an admin to an existing Chapter, head over to here and you can start the process. You can email us at if you’ve got any questions or need a little help.





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