Name: Sara Helena | Bomba Hache
Position: CIB Skate Team | Founder CIB Spain
Chapter: Chicks in Bowls Spain

  • Bio

    My love for rollerskating begins at four years old, dedicating myself to figure skating until age 14. Eighteen months ago I started with this modality, with no doubt aggressive quad rollerskating give me the energy I needed! Roller skating is fun activity that has become for me a way of life. Whenever I have free time I do not hesitate to take my skates! Skating has helped me improve my physical condition because it is an activity that gets the whole body working. Apart from all the psychological benefits derived from sport. In this sport it is yourself who sets its own limits and goals. It is also a great way to connect with people all around the globe and establish friendships. Through its practice a lot of values are transmitted such as: equality, respect, cooperation, partnership, friendship, solidarity… This sport also gives me security, courage, perseverance and self-discipline because for me every day is a challenge to overcome and even more now after my cruciate ligament rupture.

  • Set-up

    The Antik AR1 boot fits like a glove, grabbing my foot well and simultaneously allowing it to full movement. The PowerDyne Revenge aluminum plate is very light and durable, it gives me enough freedom of movement above all in turns. The wheels perfectly absorb the blows being perfect for roller skating outdoors.

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  • Awards and Achievements

    2nd place at Breaking Trucks 2014