• Our Mission

    What motivates us

    Since launching Chicks in Bowls, our mission has been simple. We work to inspire people from all backgrounds to put some skates on and try something new. We seek to support and encourage those starting out and push those skaters who want to reach their next level.

    We have hope that the next generation of kids are inspired to hit the skatepark. We have a dream that you can show up at any skate park in the world and find people from all over shredding side by side. We have a goal to see the sport of quad-skating showcased with other extreme sports.
    We have CIB Chapters spread all around the globe, working with the united goal of creating safe, inclusive environments for all skaters. We don’t care if it’s your first or fortieth time at the skatepark, we believe anyone willing to try is worthy. The CIB Chapters work to host meet-ups, share tips and grow local crews. We coach, inspire, share and nurture the next generation of quad skaters. We value the history of this sport, teach etiquette and encourage skaters to build confidence in an all new world on wheels. To find out more about our goal read from our blog: Seeking World Domination

  • Our Story

    Flackback to the summer of 2012

    Set in Auckland, New Zealand, during a leisurely waterfront skate with two rollerskaters: an Australian named Calamity Cutthroat and an Auckland local named Lady Trample.

    They venture to a nearby skatepark, where Cutthroat asks Trample if she’d like to learn some basic skatepark moves. A quick session on a 4ft mini ramp, and she’s hooked. Soon, Cutthroat and Trample are hitting up the park 2-3 times a week. Other local roller derby skaters join in. The original skate crew included Sugar Hit, TutanKarnage, Machete Confetti, Nick Agnew, Pixie, and Kay Sasse. Seeing all these rollerskaters taking over the skatepark in the bowls and on the ramps, Cutthroat says in her Aussie accent: “look at all you Chicks in Bowls!”, and an idea is born.

    In 2013 the Chicks in Bowls Facebook page was set up so skaters could keep in touch and let each other know when they were heading out for a skatepark session. Slowly, other skaters from both within Auckland and throughout New Zealand start commenting on the page asking to join in, and Chicks in Bowls starts to spread.

    We now run the original facebook page as an international forum, where we share photos and videos of aggressive quad-skaters from around the globe! We have CIB Chapters set up in 200+ regions (and counting), Chapters run as local skate communities. You can also keep up to date with us on Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube. Help us spread the love and grow the quad park skating community.

  • “Never stop practicing, never stop learning, and never stop believing.”

  • “You chicks are awesome! I use to watch dudes in the 70’s ride pools in their quads and always wondered why it never took off. I’m glad to see it’s been rediscovered. I’m going to start hitting the pools in my quads too. Thanks for the inspiration!”

    Steve Gehrman
  • “This is for everyone. Not just derby girls. Not just girls. Not just gymnasts. Not just kids!”

  • “Where do I need to go to find women this awesome?!”

    Derek Macias
  • “New favorite page!! New hero’s!”

    Victoria Killa-Knightly Atkinson
  • “I don’t know the folks who run this page, but thank you so much for doing it. I am just learning to skate in bowls, and it is great to watch how everyone else does it.”

    Tamra Bowman
  • “LOVE watching all your clips! Inspired me to hit skate parks even more. I only just started but quickly getting addicted!”

    Elle Fingers
  • “I just wanted to say thank you because watching all of these videos and seeing all of the pics makes me wanna become better and I know eventually I can, and you guys inspire me to practice and make me realize how much I love to skate so just thank you!”

    Tess Poe-Slade

Founders, Managers and Inspirations

Samara Pepperell | Trample
Founder & Chief Chick

Lady Trample is the heart behind CIB. She is responsible for directing all marketing efforts and is the creative mastermind behind the Chicks in Bowls branding and merchandise. As Chief Chick she works to share the vision of Chicks in Bowls across the globe through live and video coaching sessions and acting as an advocate for skaters. When she isn’t running CIB or coaching formally you are likely to find her hitting the nearest skate park to push herself and share her passion of living life on skates.


Nick Agnew
Research & Development

Nick is other half that makes up Chicks in Bowls. Nick is responsible for market and product research and is the driving force behind our aggressive skate line and is responsible for the design of the CIB Sliders and CIB Grind Trucks. Together Trample and Nick work to grow this sport and the communities within them. Nick is also a talented skater on both quads and skateboards, which becomes evident when you see him take to the ramps and bowls.


Sandy Hall | Mumma Trample
Human Resources

Sandy has been a part of CIB since the very start, supporting the companies ventures, aiding in the development of company ethos and helping out wherever needed. You’ll often see Sandy aka Mama Trample lending a hand manning the booth at various skate meet up’s, taking behind the scenes footage and just being an all-round advocate for all things rad. Make sure you come say hi if you ever see her floating around!